About Aladi Consulting

Andrew Aladi
Master Educator

I've always loved solving intellectual problems ever since I was a youngster, my parents: Dad with a Ph.D. from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania in Urban and Regional Planning and my Mom (now deceased) with Multiple Masters from The Ohio State University stressed the value of education. Though I was born in the USA, I moved back to my ancestral home of Nigeria at the tender age of eight years old. I didn't really like going from a 1st world country to a third world country, however, in hindsight (which they say is 20/20). It was the BEST decision my parents ever made. 

I was enrolled in the BEST and most prestigious K1-K6 school in my home state and excelled. Then I went to one of the most elite boarding schools in Nigeria - Federal Government College Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria, and excelled, as well. I learned the fundamentals of courses in my K1-K12 educational journey, which was taught in the Western World as advanced studies including Ph.D. level. Also, I learned how to solve math mentally in my brain with no paper and pen (mental math). Finally, I learned courses that aren't taught in the West - Shorthand writing, Home economics, etc. 

I was surrounded by kids that made all other kids around the world seem below average academically. Also, I was immersed in an environment that valued education and thought it was COOL to be SMART!!! I loved to read - my friends and I were avid readers and had informal book clubs. At times we would compete and read multiple books in a single day!!! Ranging from personal development, sci-fi, history, business, technology, etc. This habit set me up for success in the future. 

Furthermore, I became an avid chess player - even a chess champion for three years till I resigned due to my graduating from secondary school in lieu of relocating to the States. Chess taught me to develop long-term vision/strategy, deception, and anticipating others' moves based on their desires/goals. I learned Game Theory, as well, to assist my chess growth and development.

Upon coming back to the States, I've earned multiple degrees, however, I realized a lot of people learned how to pass exams or try to, however, they didn't understand the fundamentals. So I saw a GAP in the consulting space - most consultancy firms focused on only the business aspects. Whereas, in Aladi Consulting I combine my three main skill sets: science/medical, legal training, and business skills. Thus, our consultancy looks at the logical ramification of actions, risks and compliance issues [including punitive damages], sustainability with the environments, and business aspects [market share, maximizing shareholder value, and customer loyalty/satisfaction]